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Magfed paibtball collection and customs

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  • Magfed paibtball collection and customs

    This will serve as a general log and progress thread for my collection and builds of mag fed paintball markers. I have always wanted to get into magfed since I started playing in 2004 but they used to be very expensive and the mags where around $50 each making a base setup around 1k+ and for a 13 year old that was a bit much. But finally when tippman came out with the tmc a few years ago I took the plunge. After my first season playing magfed that's all I wanted, so I started building my collection, making custom parts and conversions for what I already had.
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    So this is a project I have wanted to do for many years and finally came across a airsoft shell at the right price. It's a sp ion inside of a airsoft f2000 shell.