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Chiappa Rhino 60DS in .357 Magnum

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  • Chiappa Rhino 60DS in .357 Magnum

    Picked this up a couple of months ago. It was actually my birthday present from my darling wife. I don’t think I have ever fallen for a weapon as hard and as fast as this one. I’m totally infatuated with it.

    To understand why, know that I ruptured the scaphoidlunate ligament in my right wrist (dominant hand) many years ago. As a result, I have a very unstable wrist joint, it "disassociates" (rotates out of alignment, similar to subluxation) with minimal provocation. Shooting anything with more kick than a 9mm Luger can leave me with inflammation and both joint and nerve pain for hours or even days afterward. It's not uncommon for me to ice my wrist after a long range session. Even a snappy .380 mouse gun can feel like a knitting needle through my wrist every once in a while, if I don't keep my wrist properly positioned and tensed. My EDC is a Ruger LCR in .38SPL (admittedly a pretty low-mass gun for that size cartridge, at 13.5 oz), and I can only manage about 10-15 rounds through it before I have to put it down for the day. My wife bought me a P226 in .357SIG and sadly, it eventually ended up on her side of the gun safe because I just couldn't bear to shoot the thing. As a result, I do a lot of .22WMR and .32S&W shooting, along with a .22TCM when I want the big boom and blast wave without the recoil.

    With that backstory in mind, the first time I took the Rhino to the range, I put 21 magnum rounds and 39 .38SPL rounds through it, with zero wrist pain. ZERO – not during, not afterwards. The bore axis in relation to the shooter's hand, and the grip angle, are an absolute engineering miracle. I can shoot this thing all day long without a bit of discomfort. Add in that it feels great in hand, is pretty damn accurate, has great sights, and is mechanically innovative, and it's a winner in my book. The optional moon clips are a neat addition, even though I don't use them at the range. It feels really tight and solid, with no slop; the hammer was actually somewhat tough to cock both SA and DA when I first got it, but it has already smoothed out and become noticeably lower effort after just a couple hundred rounds and a snap-cap dry fire session.

    As far as how it looks, I realize that beauty is subjective, but in my opinion it has a nice, interesting appearance that's a welcome change from the similarity of my other revolvers, with a sort of "early-80s Yamaha design language" kind of vibe.
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    bitchin! i want one of the 357 6inchs in chrome just cause


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      I think the 3” in gold is pretty sweet.
      Click image for larger version

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      2011 Suzuki Kizashi GTS Sport 6MT • 2002 Ford F150 SuperCrew FX4 Lariat
      2013 Can-Am Spyder RS-S • 1974 Honda CL125S • "Bultakenstein" – 1977 Bultaco Roadster (project)


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        i would agree with that.


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          That is one unique looking gun. I really dig that a lot. The one your wife gifted you is way classy.
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            im waiting for my gun shop to call me and say they found me a 60ds in the nebula finish