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  • Queen Elizabeth the BRG Miata

    Hello everyone! Thank you for taking interest in my build. :britishflag:

    This is Queen Elizabeth. 91 BRG SE #156

    Untitled by steve boutin, on Flickr

    I bought the car, my third miata, in July of 2015 with 54,413 miles. It was a one owner car, but it was not very well loved. The throwout bearing is toast, it has rotted out front fenders with a small amount of rust bleeding over to the rocker panel. The paint is faded and has a few dents and scratches. The worst thing about the car though, is the missing number plaque. I love the car anyway, and have always wanted a 91 SE. For the price, I couldn't complain too much.

    I have since put a few hundred miles on her. This car will be a rolling restoration. Anything that needs replacing will be upgraded to a higher quality or Genuine Mazda where applicable. I also have a few JDM goodies waiting to go on, though you will have to wait until installation

    The worst of the rust, a long term lack of cleaning out the fenders.

    [QUOTE=Ctsquid;204156]After what seems like a forever, I've finally gotten around to doing at least a little bit of work to the car.

    My fenders were rotted well beyond repair so I sourced some used BRG fenders last spring to replace my old ones.

    I picked up a set of wheels locally for a very reasonable price. They're probably temporary, but for now I think they look pretty good.

    I had finally found some time to work on the car last week. I towed the car up to a friends shop. How nice it is to have a lift!

    We got the engine out, and upon closer inspection the noises turned out to be a bad water pump. New timing belt kit, with all of the wear items replaced and we’re back in business.

    We also installed a new FM Happy Meal kit. I’ve always been of the mindset of upgrading parts when your replace them. It’s a really nice clutch with a good feel.

    Here’s a photo of the old throw out bearing. It was rough to say the least.

    To finish up the install of the transmission, I installed the MiataRoadster short shift kit. This is their tall angled version. The idea is to get the shift knob closer to the steering wheel to reduce the amount of time you only have one hand on the wheel.

    A few more 60’s inspired parts went into the car.

    At the front of the car, a set of KG Works TSI’s. Overall a decent fitting part with a really nice retro look.

    At the rear of the car

    -Zoom Elan tail lights

    -Zoom reverse light

    -Pitcrew Racing exhaust

    -KG Works room mirror

    The tail lights were purchased second hand and the wiring harness was a mess. I built an entire new harness using some old stock taillights I had. They need to be painted still, but that will happen when the rest of the car does. Hopefully later this year.

    The Reverse light is a lot nicer than I expected it to be. I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered it from Bill at MiataRoadster, I guess I was expecting a generic round light. The kit came with a nifty tool to hold a bolt during install. The housing feels high quality, and the lense has a nice design that disperses light well.

    The Pitcrew exhaust is, by far, the best modification yet. I went into this purchase blind, or deaf rather. There simply aren’t any good sound clips of this carback anywhere to be found on the Internet. I searched for hours on end hoping to find even one high quality video to give me an idea of what this would sound like.

    I knew I didn’t want a loud exhaust and definitely didn’t want something raspy. I more I looked at photos, the more I knew I had to have it. The center exit, the 60’ British sports car vibe it gives off is just too cool. THIS IS THE BEST SOUNDING EXHAUST I’VE EVER HEARD!

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    A few weeks ago I got a bit more work done on the car. By recommendation of several miata driving friends, I bought a set of 205/50r15 Continental extremecontact sport tires, and mounted them on Chaparral wheels that I’ve had for a few years now. My initial impressions are great.

    The next thing to tackle was installing a very handsome, stainless steel Hard Dog roll bar. I admit I got a little carried away with the sheers when trimming the deck, I should have taken a little more time to think it through, but life goes on.

    This is the first time since I bought the car that I look at it and really smile about what I’ve put together. Hopefully I find some clean tan seats soon to bring the interior back.


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      Very cool Miata Steve with good attention to the small details. What are your plans for suspension? I'm guessing it's all stock at the moment?
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        I’ll be swapping out the subframes and control arms with NB equipment. Mine are a bit crusty and the NB’s featured a 5mm wider track width. When I do that, I’ll rebuild them entirely with new bushings and also install 949 racing xida coilovers and racing best swag bars.


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          Changing out the small details and personalizing the car to suit your aesthetic taste is really the best part of building a Miata. They're so damn good right out of the box that there's really no rush to change anything else.
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