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The Buffalo - 1949 Kaiser project

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  • The Buffalo - 1949 Kaiser project

    So, after months of banging my head against the wall and trying to get my Fiat to, well, run, I decided to get rid of it and pick up something that is the polar opposite of a small, complex sports car. A 1949 Kaiser Deluxe. I hadn't really planned on buying this particular car, was just doing a broad search of older, simpler stuff (American, Japanese, and British mostly). And I did really want something with a straight six. I happened to spot this on ebay last weekend with zero bids and a couple days to go. Since it was fairly close and I had nothing better to do, I went and checked it out. The car turned out to be in surprisingly good shape and the guy only wanted $1000 for it, so I bought it. :P

    It has a little rust in the rockers, the passenger side rear wheel well, and the back half of the front fenders, but the floors and the frame are solid. The front seat is all tore up, the steering wheel is a little cracked, and there's a few stains, but it's all there and most of the things still work. The brakes were supposedly rebuilt something like 20 years ago and still seem to work. The engine runs quite well and starts up on the first crank. And the trans shifts through at least first and reverse.

    For the short term, I plan on dropping the gas tank and cleaning it out and replacing the horribly shot tires and enjoying it.

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    So, I was able to get the gas tank removed. Pretty straight forward affair, three bolts holding the tank to the frame, one bolt for the filler neck, one wire to the fuel sending unit, and the fuel line. And two things come to mind after looking at the contents.
    1: How the heck was I able to start this up and drive it around the yard? There was only like 8oz of fuel in it.
    2: Good god! What the heck is all that?!
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      Nifty car. Vehicles from the 40's are gorgeous in my opinion. Did you ever get this to be a driver?