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  • MiniDisc

    I'm pretty sure I already know the answer, but is there ANYONE out there besides Sony savants still using MiniDiscs?

    I actually got into using them a few years ago because my JDM Subaru Legacy B4 RSK has a FACTORY MiniDisc player Kenwood head unit!

    It turns out that MiniDiscs were much more successful in Japan than they were here in the USA (Sony didn't discontinue the MiniDisc format in Japan until 2013), so I consider myself fortunate to have gotten my hands on this refurb Sony Walkman MZ-NF520D MiniDisc player and recorder off of eBay.

    The software you have to use on your computer is SonicStage, which Sony has abandoned and not updated since 2007. However, the gurus at the forums on SonyInsider have made a working image of the software downloadable for free on the site, and you have to disable driver signature enforcement on WIndows 8 and up to get the software to work and communicate with the MiniDisc player. It took a good solid 3 days of reconnaissance on my part to figure out how to make it all work, and then record it in the right format to where the MiniDisc player in my B4 RSK could read it.

    But it works, and though most would say it wasn't worth the trouble, I thoroughly enjoy the esoteric notion of recording old Gran Turismo and Need for Speed video game music onto a MiniDisc and then playing it in my JDM car as I'm driving along!
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    I've got a Sony MZM200 that I bought back in 2008. I've also got an ONKYO MD-105FX that I paid to have imported from Japan (also back in 2008).

    The MZM200 I wanna say was actually designed to be a field recorder, but i used it for playback. It had this wild 1/8" jack that took Toslink, which I"d never seen before or since. The Onkyo was a solid unit, and I actually used it a few times as an audio-backup for some local govt meetings (had a kitchen sink of inputs on the back, and a built in VU meter so it was easy to see when the audio was peaking).

    About a year later, I also bought a bunch of OEM Sony blank MD's when they went on clearance from I checked, and it looks like they're still selling MD media (also on clearance haha)

    I was always bummed that the format never took off, as I really liked it.

    Maybe I'll dust off the MZM200, plug it in and have a listen to some old MD's